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Keeping Your Manufacturing Equipment Running by exceeding expectations everyday

At H3, we realize the impact and risk of unplanned downtime to a factory or assembly line. We also understand difficulties in recruitment and retention of maintenance personnel. With our maintenance and reliability expertise and maintenance management experience, your factory will run problem free.

Customer alignment, collaboration and transparency are the foundation to our success. We align and engage with your safety, maintenance and operations teams and build upon continuous improvement based on your business goals. We are partners in production excellence!

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Using World Class standards through data driven metrics to provide complete management of your facility's industrial maintenance program. 

We provide short-term and long-term support to local and regional industrial facilities. Providing experienced techs to each site.

Providing quick response to your emergency needs with expertise and man-power support.

Trust more than 25 years of reliability expertise

“H3 does a great job understanding the customer’s needs throughout the organization.
110% satisfied with their professional presence, attitude and delivery.”– LEADING

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